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Million Post-It notes make a stop motion commercial

1 million Post-it's,
96 314 digital photographs using
2.5 terabytes of storage,
4.9 kilometers of 35mm film,
3 weeks of editing, and
83 hours in Flame to produce this
60 second commercial.

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This is a commercial for MTN (Mobile Telecomunication Network)
one of the biggest networks in Africa, Middle-East, it has about +20m subscribers MTN Group.

Just Amazing. Check this out.


Packaging Design from the past

A great collection of packaging design (boxes, cans & labels, etc...) from our past is now on display at flickr.

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Be Kind, Rewind

Check out the new Michel Gondry (dir: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) flick featuring Jack Black, Mos Def (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Danny Glover and Mia Farrow. Looks really awesome!
Cant wait to catch this one.

Michael Gondry is one of my favorite directors who did some really insanely amazing music videos for Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Kylie Minogue (Kylie... yuck!), White Stripes and all. His movie credits include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Human Nature, The Science of Sleep and now this.


Pimp My Ride the Black Metal way

Emil and Jonas of Swedish black metallers Admonish might not be all that tr00, but thanks to Lil’ Jon and their new forest-troll-repelling-ride, at least they’re finally getting laid. Maybe.

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LOLMetal, anyone?

Ladies and germs, here comes lolmetal... Check it out for yourself wtf it is and you could be rolling on the floor laughing.

In fact, this is where it all started at the ruthless reviews site.

Disclaimer: I am a great fan of Immortal, Darkthrone and other NSBM bands, so the images below are just parody of the photographs which are supposed to be viewed in a lighter taste and they have nothing in particular to do with the music they create which of course is great. If you think Death or Black Metal is just noise with dudes painted in corpse paint and leather apparels, then remove your head from Fergie's ass and look around. (Dude, seriously, I didn't know I was good at writing disclaimers till I wrote this one!)

Here are some images from lolmetal stuff for a sampler or something like that.
Cradle of Filth
and Gaahl from GorgorothCeltic Frost
Slipknot (I don't care to know his name either)
Immortal, again...
Also be sure to check out some reader submissions at lolmetal

That said, I'd like to point out to the fact that Immortal's album Sons of Northern Darkness is one of the greatest black metal albums of all time. Could surely be added to any list of greatest albums of all time and stuff like that. No less. Thank you.

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Adrenaline O.D and Darkthrone

There are lots of reasons to dig Darkthrone. For one, Fenriz is a pretty funny guy. For another, he loves Adrenalin O.D.

Watch until the end.

Adrenalin OD (or "AOD" in the three initialed craze of their heyday) formed in 1981. The fact that they are all still living, and able to figure out how to operate a computer is a testament to the folly of the straight edge movement. The group disbanded in 1990, but have reunited several times (most recently in August of 2005 to play a benefit for CBGBs).

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Give it up for Ben Claassen III, the mastermind behind the weekly “Dirtfarm” strip currently syndicated in the Washington City Paper, Baltimore City Paper and Chicago Reader free weeklies.

Claassen, a not-so-closeted metal fan, previously did the design for the Hidden Hand/ Wooly Mammoth split CD on Meteor City and produces his own hideous/wonderful mini comics when time allows. One of his earliest efforts, a tiny goof-off called “The Metal Alphabet,” used to be available by sending him a buck via Paypal, but the order part of his website is currently being retooled.

Luckily, a complete archive of three years of Dirtfarm strips is still available as an excellent time-waster; his tribute to June 6, 2006 (where the above image can be found) has a particularly special place in our hearts.

via decibel, again!

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Black Metal: Graphic Novel

Oni Press has just published a 26-page preview of the new graphic novel Black Metal by writer Rick Spears and artist Chuck BB. Most of the preview follows twins Sam and Shawn’s strange trip after listening to the “true black metal” of kvlt act Frost Axe; get your pre-release orders in now to see how the grim and frostbitten fable finishes out.

Spears is one of the geniuses behind the graphic novel Teenagers from Mars and keeps an excellent blog called The Hot and the Cool; Chuck BB maintains his own site which promises “more rants,” but currently houses some awesome rock poster designs, illustrations and concept art for Black Metal.

Also, be sure to check out the pair’s recent guest blogging stint on MySpace Comic Books, which features another two-dozen pages of finished art (that’s, like, half the book right there!), Rick and Chuck’s “Top 5 Personal Metal Moments” and some equally hilarious comments. Like this one: “honestly, its an okay comic and all, but i think things like metal are better not made fun of. its just disrespectful to the darkness that drives us.”

Broadcast message to the entire internet: STFU.

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The Lego Church Burning

The whole trend of “Brickfilms” took a precipitous drop in value approximately 15 minutes after Michel Gondry unleashed his genius clip for “Fell in Love With a Girl.” That one’s still a stone cold classic, but there’s literally hundreds of musical Lego animations on YouTube right now.

If you spend enough time looking, you’ll uncover some semi-inspired clips, like the guys who envisioned a Rammstein concert performance, complete with a crowd of Lego onlookers and flames. Almost all of them feature agitated editing, shaky hand-held camera work and extreme close-ups on the “singer” whenever the “bad cop” vocals kick in. Feh.

But only one features three Lego characters dressed as Abbath, Demonaz and Horgh (complete with their respective corpsepaint designs) and an excerpt from Immortal’s “Mountains of Might.” Sure, it’s no “Call of the Wintermoon,” but bonus points for the upside-down cross with the crucified Lego skeleton!

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