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Opeth Openeth Floodgates

Opeth, ahhh, I havent talked much about them lately. I remember the days when I was one of the few people around here who used to listen to Opeth and now I see at least a dozen Opeth t-shirts a week on the kids who have graduated from Linkin Park, I kinda stopped listening to Opeth much. It is that 'diamond-in-the-pocket' theory of metalheads.

There are people who would call me a musical fascist, racist or something. Well...

One of the most elusive and challenging bands to categorize and even fully comprehend is Opeth, a Swedish former death metal outfit that has also experimented with goth and classical, but is now most deeply steeped in post-prog metal — which explains what they’ll be doing on the Progressive Nation tour this summer with Dream Theater. The tour, which also features 3 and Between the Buried and Me, launches May 2 in Los Angeles and runs through June 1 in Tampa, Florida.

Opeth’s new album Watershed actually comes out June 3, two days after the end of Progressive Nation (we told you those prog guys were cryptic). The group recorded the disc at Fascination Street studios in Orebro, Sweden between November 1 and early January.

The following are some of the video interview clips from the band on recording the new album, touring with Dream Theater, they discuss the creation of the new album, the destruction of a church organ and working with female vocalist Nathalie Lorichs and the contrasts on the album.

Opeth on writing Watershed

Opeth on breaking a church's organ

Opeth on working with Natalie Lorics

Opeth on touring with Dream Theater

Opeth on their goal for Watershed

Opeth on the contrasts of Watershed

source: mtv


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