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The Fuel Great Indian Rock Festival

When I first heard about it last month, I thought it was one of those college crowd jokes that keep popping up out of nowhere.

Bangalore is all set for a new brutal onslaught of Fuel Great Indian Rock Festival on November 7th 2008 featuring Satyricon, Sahg and the local acts like Extinct Reflections (Bangalore), Rainbow Bridge (Chennai), Slingshot (Calicut), organized by the folks at RSJ (formerly Rock Street Journal).

Note: Contrary to what the poster displays, Freak Kitchen is not performing in Bangalore.

This is the first time that international Black Metal bands are performing in India, well the tr00 kvlt black metallers tend to not recognize Satyricon as Black Metal anymore, I disagree.

That's beside the point because once someone starts using words like kvlt, tr00, krieg and all that in Black Metal context, the music goes out of the window and the lifestyle kicks in. Well, this could easily start off hot debate, I prefer make it another post.

The tickets are being made available since yesterday, I got mine, get yours in the following locations:
Levi's® Stores:
Brigade Road - 25584237;
100Ft Road, Indiranagar - 41481007;
Leela Galleria, Leela Palace - 41265487;
80Ft Road, Koramangala - 41243378;
Forum Mall - 22067627;
Garuda Mall - 56641035;
Sigma Mall - 66121137;
JP Nagar 3rd Phase - 41570268;
3rd Main, Malleshwaram - 41127298;
BEL Road - 41674080;
Kamaraj Road (Opp Commercial Street) - 42109507;
Kamanahalli Main Road, HRBR Layout - 65467293

Find more details here or here

More to come...


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