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LOLMetal, anyone?

Ladies and germs, here comes lolmetal... Check it out for yourself wtf it is and you could be rolling on the floor laughing.

In fact, this is where it all started at the ruthless reviews site.

Disclaimer: I am a great fan of Immortal, Darkthrone and other NSBM bands, so the images below are just parody of the photographs which are supposed to be viewed in a lighter taste and they have nothing in particular to do with the music they create which of course is great. If you think Death or Black Metal is just noise with dudes painted in corpse paint and leather apparels, then remove your head from Fergie's ass and look around. (Dude, seriously, I didn't know I was good at writing disclaimers till I wrote this one!)

Here are some images from lolmetal stuff for a sampler or something like that.
Cradle of Filth
and Gaahl from GorgorothCeltic Frost
Slipknot (I don't care to know his name either)
Immortal, again...
Also be sure to check out some reader submissions at lolmetal

That said, I'd like to point out to the fact that Immortal's album Sons of Northern Darkness is one of the greatest black metal albums of all time. Could surely be added to any list of greatest albums of all time and stuff like that. No less. Thank you.

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    haha insane!!!  

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