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The Lego Church Burning

The whole trend of “Brickfilms” took a precipitous drop in value approximately 15 minutes after Michel Gondry unleashed his genius clip for “Fell in Love With a Girl.” That one’s still a stone cold classic, but there’s literally hundreds of musical Lego animations on YouTube right now.

If you spend enough time looking, you’ll uncover some semi-inspired clips, like the guys who envisioned a Rammstein concert performance, complete with a crowd of Lego onlookers and flames. Almost all of them feature agitated editing, shaky hand-held camera work and extreme close-ups on the “singer” whenever the “bad cop” vocals kick in. Feh.

But only one features three Lego characters dressed as Abbath, Demonaz and Horgh (complete with their respective corpsepaint designs) and an excerpt from Immortal’s “Mountains of Might.” Sure, it’s no “Call of the Wintermoon,” but bonus points for the upside-down cross with the crucified Lego skeleton!

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