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Arch Enemy will 'Rise Again'

Well, don't believe the naysayers at Blabbermouth discussion forums, Angela Gossow (screambox, Arch Enemy) can wail and scream like an Orc. And Arch Enemy is not your average band, they have the credentials of Mike Amott (ex-Carcass, ex-Spiritual Beggars) himself bracing the band, these Swedish melodic death metallers are capable of burning the living taste from your little sister's mouth with their sonic assault. Angela Gossow and the likes owe their presence to the unrelenting efforts of someone like Joan Jett (she Rocks and she still is hot after all those, last saw her on Henry Rollins Show episode) who has kept her head high in a male-dominated industry through all these years.

Here’s what Arch Enemy frontwoman Angela Gossow has to say to you in sign language if you don’t like her band’s new video for “I Will Live Again.”

The clip was shot in December with director Patric Ullaeus and if it looks like Angela’s burning with rage, it might have something to do with the burns she sustained when she bumped into the stage lights during filming.

This is what Angela Gossow said about this video in an interview:

Lyrically, the song “I Will Live Again” deals with surviving a destructive relationship and leaving the hurt, the chains and the negative past behind. In a nutshell, the message is, “Keep your head high, leave your fears behind – tomorrow is a new day!”

The video is only loosely based on the lyrical message. It is pretty much [director] Patric Ullaeus’ concept because, due to heavy touring (Black Tyranny and The Black Crusade tour), the band was not able to be involved in the story and editing process. But Patric is a talented video producer and he got an interesting little stalker plot going.

We shot the scenes in December 2007, leaving me with a few burns on my arms. I tore the ‘chains’ right out of the wall and crashed into the hot stage lights right in front of me. No pain, no gain, they say.

The song and the video are quite untypical for Arch Enemy and don’t necessarily represent the vicious side of this band. It’s entertaining. Make sure to see the Tyranny & Bloodshred tour [with Dark Traquillity, Divine Heresy and Firewind], where musical brutality will definitely, once again, prevail over the scenery!

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