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Give it up for Ben Claassen III, the mastermind behind the weekly “Dirtfarm” strip currently syndicated in the Washington City Paper, Baltimore City Paper and Chicago Reader free weeklies.

Claassen, a not-so-closeted metal fan, previously did the design for the Hidden Hand/ Wooly Mammoth split CD on Meteor City and produces his own hideous/wonderful mini comics when time allows. One of his earliest efforts, a tiny goof-off called “The Metal Alphabet,” used to be available by sending him a buck via Paypal, but the order part of his website is currently being retooled.

Luckily, a complete archive of three years of Dirtfarm strips is still available as an excellent time-waster; his tribute to June 6, 2006 (where the above image can be found) has a particularly special place in our hearts.

via decibel, again!

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