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Rock Ethos II

Ok, there's not been enough information about this event in one place online. There have been hoardings everywhere since a few days but people are calling up to ask me the details of this event, I am in no way affiliated to the organizers or anything. I have collected all the available info, from various sources online, Facebook event pages, mailing lists and the compilation is as follows:

"Bangalore's Rock scene goes on a high again... "
Host: Buenos
Saturday, March 14 at 12:00pm
Sunday, March 15 at 10:00pm
Bangalore, Palace ground, Mekhri Circle entrance

info from their event page:
Bangalore has never rocked so before. Rock Ethos, the first ever Indian metal fest to feature original rock music of Bangalore has been unanimously hailed as 'one day indigenous India's Woodstock'. Descending on delirious rock fans in all its electrifying impact, it stirred up India’s rock scene into a blaze of frenzy that left the city asking for more.

Venturing into unexplored territory of showcasing exclusively original rock music, the event proved to be a smash hit as proved by the huge crowd that thronged Palace Grounds for the 10-hour Indian rock cornucopia.

Rock Ethos ’09 keeps the spirit of rock flying high with a two-day festival replete with double the number of rock bands. Stage effects, lighting and sound will reach for hitherto un-scaled heights, in keeping with the promise of creating a memorable impact each consecutive season. In no way subjacent to an international rock fest, Rock Ethos 09 ushers in an energetic mood, refreshing spirits jaded with negativism of recent times.

The band list:
  • Catalyst
  • Culminant
  • Schikados
  • Eccentric Pendulum
  • Whitenoiz
  • Stond
  • Illuminati
  • Today's Special
  • 5 AM
  • Abandoned Agony
  • Shamans
  • Theorized
  • Slain
  • Divine Connection
  • Motherjane
  • Myndsnare
  • Bhayanak Maut
  • Galeej Gurus
  • Kryptos
  • Infernal Wrath
Entry to the venue is free but do carry an extra buck to pick up some cool band merchandise apart from lip smacking food and tons of games.

More details here along with links to every band's MySpace page. And also check out the official RockEthos site which is up at last.


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