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The Pain is Still Mine

"The word is easy
Dripping sweet and cocky from the tongue
Vaguely describing the taste of blood.

A distant cry arise
From the fathomless well
That is my soul.
I can not hear the words
So I throw my heart in
Like a coin
And wish that it would sink forever.

A purpose, a sacrifice
Or merely temptation?
Is my solitude anything but a perversion
Of my vanity?

I never cared for this weak inclination
This paranoid tendency
To flock.
And in between all the noise
All the guilt
A silence would carry my spirit away
From diminishing obsessions.
Away from fools and poisonous flies.

The birth of a dreamer.

Behold, an angel of vengeance
A lion
A sword of fire
Alas, the burden of my heart
Is violence undone
Pain unfulfilled

When I finally cut deep
Into the flesh of guilt
The un-naked body of shame
And the veins of repentance
Open wide
Sending rivers of blood
Into my mouth
The pain is still mine."

- Ihsahn
'Pain is still mine' from the album The Adversary

I'll write a post on this album some time soon.

I am going through something of this sort lately and I pretty much identify with these lines. Hope this dark cloud passes away and I can see the light in my own darkness...


Grind House

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have teamed up once again!

Earlier they had started a joint project called as Grind House which is a throwback to the old school 70’s flicks that both of them had grown up on, two truncated films connected by a series of movie trailers that Rodriguez says will be for "movies that don't exist" (fake movie trailers in between both movies).

It was rumoured earlier to be an instalment of two short films, but now the news is out that it is to be two feature length pictures; Planet Terror and Death Proof slated to be released April 2007.

Some gyaan from Wiki:
Between the two segments will be trailers advertising fake films.

Tarantino has stated that fake trailers will be shot for a blaxploitation film, a kung fu film, a sexploitation movie and a Spaghetti Western film.

Tarantino confirmed that he will be directing the trailer for the sexploitation 'film' Cowgirls in Sweden.

Danny Trejo, the usual suspect from Rodriguez saddle will be in a fake trailer for a movie called They Call Him Machete, possibly a parody on the character of the same name that Trejo played in Spy Kids. Trejo's other characters in Rodriguez movies have also had names similar to knives, such as Razor Charlie in From Dusk Till Dawn.

In addition, Eli Roth and Edgar Wright have been confirmed to direct fake trailers.

Here's some more gyaan on Grind House from Wiki:
Grind House is a 2007 film that consists of two segments, of which both are feature-length attractions. One segment, Planet Terror, will be a zombie film written and directed by Robert Rodríguez.

The other segment, Death Proof, will be a slasher film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. There will also be trailers advertising fake films between the segments. Grind House is expected to be released on April 6, 2007.

I came across these posters for Grind House recently, check them out. Click on the images for a larger display.

By the way gyaan is Sanskrit for Knowledge and has entered English dictionary and soon might stand next to already common guru, mantra, karma and all that stuff.

Parting Shot
Can you recognize the dudes below?
Both the images are of the same band from 1972 and 1974.
They are one of the greatest heavy metal bands on earth.
Leave your answers in the comments.



no new posts?

Ya, sorry to have disappointed you guys lately. Anyways, I'm back from the oblivion and I'm gonna pour in lots and lots of new material in a couple of days.

One of them is my experience of discovering Rock music in a small town and growing out to embrace heavy metal.

Why is Metal a culture of outiders?
Why is it associated with the devil?
Is there any logic behind 'cookie monster' growls?
Why Metal illicits extreme opinions?

These are some of the questions I am going to explore and try to answer in my next post - Metal: A Culture of Outsiders.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my blog although I havent turned in much material lately.

More to come...


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