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Cult is alive!

Yes it is...
Head to Pub Rock Fest this weekend (Friday 27th July, 2007) to On The Roxx above Pizza Corner on Brigade Road, Bangalore from 7pm onwards. Watch out for my recent gig reviews and some 'undergrind' stuff on Gorified farewell gig for their drummer Ali and Jaywant's new band Obsidion where he is handled vocal duties along with the low end duties on their maiden gig and low end duties in Kryptos (which he joined few months ago after the exit of original vocalist/bassist Ganesh a.k.a Jack), one of the long standing bands from Bangalore who are awaiting the release of their sophomore effort being released by OSM Records, stay tuned...

Time for Headbangalore II? Definitely.
Thanks a lot for waiting all these days to see a new post on this blog, I have received lots of bricks and bouquets from my blog visitors. :P



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