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Black Metal: Graphic Novel

Oni Press has just published a 26-page preview of the new graphic novel Black Metal by writer Rick Spears and artist Chuck BB. Most of the preview follows twins Sam and Shawn’s strange trip after listening to the “true black metal” of kvlt act Frost Axe; get your pre-release orders in now to see how the grim and frostbitten fable finishes out.

Spears is one of the geniuses behind the graphic novel Teenagers from Mars and keeps an excellent blog called The Hot and the Cool; Chuck BB maintains his own site which promises “more rants,” but currently houses some awesome rock poster designs, illustrations and concept art for Black Metal.

Also, be sure to check out the pair’s recent guest blogging stint on MySpace Comic Books, which features another two-dozen pages of finished art (that’s, like, half the book right there!), Rick and Chuck’s “Top 5 Personal Metal Moments” and some equally hilarious comments. Like this one: “honestly, its an okay comic and all, but i think things like metal are better not made fun of. its just disrespectful to the darkness that drives us.”

Broadcast message to the entire internet: STFU.

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