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tales from the vault

The following are some 'most-visited' and 'most-searched' posts from this blog, many have been lost into the archives over the years. I have finally managed to post them in one convenient place since I have not been able blog as much as I would like to these days...

Metal Faith
What I refuse to understand is a generation of air-heads, goateed bastards in shorts who behave like a black man trapped in a white man's body making shitty music and major labels, music channels and the radio feeding the entire generation on crap and creating another generation of numb nuts...
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Opeth - Damnation
There was a time when there were people who'd swear by Opeth and were alienated when Opeth became a kind of mainstream band couple of albums ago. Here's an Opeth album to impress the chicks...
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Heartwork - a taste of Carcass
Ever come across a band that doesn't fit in any particular genre or does fit in few of them?
The maniacs from Liverpool called Carcass is all that and more...
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Eargasmic Hymns: crazed highs and horrible lows
It is no secret by now that I love the Verve and every album they did especially from my Brit-rock loving days. This one is particularly about Urban Hymns album by the Verve, and the pains that went behind the making of this modern day classic. Damn good one, this is, guv'na!
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Dumb ass guide to headbanging
As the title suggests, that's what this is...
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Headbangalore I
Take a walk on Church Street and chances are you must have come across couple of blokes who are members of a Rock / metal band. Yes, not surprisingly there are nearly more than couple of hundred bands in Bangalore today...
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of Space Monkeys and Durdenisms
There's a lot of fight over the amount of violence in the movie Fight Club, most people obviously missed the point...
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Metal 101 according to Sam Dunn
An unreformed metalhead who ended up becoming an anthropologist because the universities didn't have Metal in their curriculum. But eventually made a movie about the Journey of a Metalhead. Here's a Metal 101 according to that dude we all have come to know as Sam Dunn...
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Florida was known for brutal technical death metal bands and for most active atheist societies in the world. One band had both of these in common (I mean, something like that)...
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of Movies, Comics and Passion
He 'rented' his body for medical research so that he can fund his first movie that became the lowest budget movie ever to be released worldwide by a major studio. Then he resigned from the Directors' Guild of America so that he can share directorial credits with Frank Miller.
Still no idea? Robert Rodriguez, man!
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Earlier they had started a joint project called as Grind House which is a throwback to the old school 70’s flicks that both of them had grown up on, two truncated films connected by a series of movie trailers that Rodriguez says will be for "movies that don't exist"...
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Sunday Jam rantz
That was then...
This is now... and it aint pretty Dorothy!
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The departed
Most of my heroes are dead. Here is a homage to those heroes...
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Hard Rock Hallelujah
Who knew that a bunch of hideously masked metal dudes from Finland who go by the moniker Lordi could capture the imagination of the generation that was hellbent on getting the measurement of Fergie's ass...
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Bootlegs Bloody Bootlegs
, is a fun-metal band from Erlangen, Germany. Known for their cover versions of various modern rock and disco songs, each of their covers often has humorous modifications to the lyrics...
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Moksha attained
"Three people with guitars don't make it rock. Make money if you want to playing Backstreet Boys or "please-like-me'' music. But don't insist that it is rock. Rock is about pure music, it happens when you perform live and when you can see the crowd take what you give them.''
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Iron Maid-in Bangalore
Bangalore has one of the craziest bunch of Iron Maiden fans. I am sure it is going to be an Once in a Lifetime experience for us fans and a great experience for the band to perform here...
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Lord of War title sequence
Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage features an incredible title sequence that of a journey of a bullet from the arms factory to the guerilla rebels in Africa. An interesting study in live and CG compositing and HDRI reflection.
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LOL Metal, anyone?
Ladies and germs, here comes lolmetal. Check it out for yourself wtf it is and you could be rolling on the floor laughing...
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Top 10 Gibson Guitar Solos: 70s and 80s
What makes a guitar solo great? While technical precision and speed are certainly important, a good solo should also be inventive and imaginative. The solo should support the song, and the best solos are ones that are so melodically strong that you can sing them while you wail away on your air guitar.
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Sepultura in Bangalore
Sepultura as I was introduced to many years ago was called as 'Slayer's cousins from Brazil', it was when they had colored their hair and had become a thrash metal band. Wait a minute, isn't Sepultura a thrash metal band?
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Carcass confirmed for Wacken
This is absolutely mindblowing news after so many years of Carcass-less world. Its time to look forward to Carcass re-union perhaps?
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Chuck Schuldiner remembered
It is really hard to believe that such a person is no more among us whereas an asshole like 50 Cent simply don't die even after a couple of dozen caps busted up his ass...
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