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Cam Pipes' Top 5 Hangover Cures

By Cam Pipes, 3 Inches of Blood

not my own writing or list, but somebody had already written it better so here it goes...

In no particular order…

1. Two Airborne tablets or two Emergen-C packets dissolved in a Vitamin water: This mixture is chalk full of B vitamins and electrolytes which help when you’re dehydrated from all the alcohol.

2. Two extra strength Tylenol and a big bottle of Gatorade: Headaches are common for me when I’m hungover and Tylenol always does the trick. The Gatorade replenishes lost fluids.

3. Orange juice and a greasy breakfast: If you can keep food down, a greasy breakfast will start you on the road to recovery cuz there’s likely no food in your system. Afterwards, wash it down with some O.J. It tastes refreshing when a hangover is in full force and will neutralize the fat from that food you just ate.

4. Water and more sleep: Sometimes you feel too shitty to do anything and the day is pretty much a write off. Just get some basic fluids and go back to dreamland.

5. Cup of good coffee and a marijuana cigarette: One of my favorite cures. The caffeine from the coffee will thin your blood thus minimizing the headache a bit and the joint will take away the nausea you may be feeling and get you hungry for a greasy meal (see #3 above).

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