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Moksha attained

The lead singer of Chennai Rockers, Leon Ireland passed away this morning.
(Awaiting more details since I got the news from a friend of mine in the afternoon.)

Leon Fredrick Ireland
23rd July 1972 - 18th December 2006

Here's a short bio of Leon from the Moksha Official site:

Leon got his post-adolescent singing rolling when he was in college, with a band called Sulphor. After putting college behind him and getting a career in Copywriting off the blocks, Leon was recruited by Moksha to handle vocal duties. As luck would have it, he met the guys at a rock concert and he still calls it one of the luckiest days of his life. A more than active member of the band, Leon excels in rocking the shit out of a crowd with his tongue-pointing, teeth-baring, muscle-flexing?!! and all round on-stage antics. But he gets his edge from his vocal range that's as high as acid and as low as your mother-in-law…

Leon worships God, Bruce Dickinson, Joey Tempest, David Coverdale and Nat King Cole. His favourite bands include legends like Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Europe, Dream Theatre, Extreme, Mr. Big…and of course Moksha.
(Courtesy: Moksha official website)
More info:
Moksha was also the only Asian group to perform for the Iron Maiden tribute album Children of the Damned. They followed this by being featured on a Metallica Tribute album, they had two songs listed, the first being an original composition 'Dine with the Devil' and it also featured 'The Four Horsemen' cover version.
(Courtesy: Wiki)

"Three people with guitars don't make it rock. Make money if you want to playing Backstreet Boys or ``please-like-me'' music. But don't insist that it is rock. Rock is about pure music, it happens when you perform live and when you can see the crowd take what you give them.''
- Leon



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  1. # Blogger arun

    leon u really rocked the shit out of all the indian rockbands man..i love ur vocals and i ve been to ur concerts..u r a simple guy and i like mokshas attitude..LEON-----------------REST-IN--------PEACE  

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