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Lemmy gets Crunchy, almost

Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmeister pitches Walkers potato chips, er, crisps. Try our delicious new Marmite, sausage and tomato ketchup flavours!

via Decibel

If there's a fight between Lemmy and God, who'll win?
Its a trick question, an old one. Any answers?

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2 Responses to “Lemmy gets Crunchy, almost”

  1. # OpenID Wardog

    i think i know this one , its from that movie... i dont know the name..

    answer is lemmy is god aye?  

  2. # Blogger maxdiamond

    yep, this one from the 90s movie called Airheads. :)
    By the way, Lemmy plays in that movie as a Lemmy lookalike.  

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