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Time Based Typography and ... what?

This is an interesting work from Jarratt Moody, an SCAD student in Time-based Typography.

Well this is not exactly a movie title design stuff but related to movie (Pulp Fiction, to be precise) and carries the composition through the dialogs and some interesting text animation.

If you have seen Pulp Fiction and obviously you cant forget the Samuel L Jackson's conversation with Brett asking about Marsellus Wallace ("does he look like a b*tch?"). For that matter every dialog in Pulp Fiction is famous!

watch it here

More of Jarrat's work

Interesting one to watch. Just text and voices, crank up the volume and enjoy.

Did you say "what"?



2 Responses to “Time Based Typography and ... what?”

  1. # Blogger AzzQim

    Hey, do you by any chance know, what was Say What Again done in? I presume something like Final Cut with some leet extras (like the blood etc :))

  2. # Blogger maxdiamond

    well, it can be done using FCP or After Effects, doesn't matter as long as the blood flow vector is animated (usually mask or roto, sometimes it is an matted organic footage like the Riot Gear from with some time remapping to give ease out effect.
    Further it can be done in Flash as well if one is so inclined. :)  

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