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Trekant title sequence

This is a title sequence from a CG feature called as Trekant by Kompost. This one breaks away from the usual 3D or vector styles of titles to more illustrative approach using some very unique character animations and water color like backgrounds. The mood of the sequence is more enhanced by the soundtrack and perfect orchestration of the animation to the piece and the dark backgrounds.

Apart from the Mario Bros-esque narrative, the construction of the piece with multi layered drawn backgrounds holds it together and gives an all new dimension to title designs where something designed outside the computers with some interesting results. Worth a look see!

Watch and Download Trekant title sequence here

Adopting a style because it’s aesthetically pleasing doesn’t make it appropriate for every work [referencing his Seven title]. Keeping visual construction and attitude relevant to the concept of any work is obviously crucial to creating a successful piece.
- Kyle Cooper


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