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maxdiamond's lost posts

Alright, here are some of the posts I had done previously and have been lost in the wilderness or something like that...

what the..?!
for all the believers of Rock/metal, this is a sign of things to come or that have already arrived...
Get your Fix Here>>

Many might call them as an overrated metal band of the sorts, but 15 years in the industry with the kind of anonymity and cult following that only underground bands achieve over the years is no small thing. But the time has come for Opeth and the world is sitting back and taking a goddamn look at the progressive death metal like no other... here's a gem of a different kind with nothing 'metal' about it...
Dont wait for Deliverance>>

Heartwork: A Taste of Carcass
I was just a Rock listener and I didnt know what hit until I was already in the fold of this band of Liverpool maniacs with a penchant for pathological themes...
Taste it Here>>

You either know it or you dont...
If you dont, now is the time to know... By the way my Headbangalore II is on the way, coming soon, watch this blog for more dope on Headbangalore like it never was and how some dickless numetal lunatics have ended up spoiling the whole movement of some kind...
Bang it Loud>>

Dumb Ass Guide to Headbanging
the title says it all, doesnt it?
HeadBang your way to Glory>>

'Eargasmic' Hymns: Crazed Highs and Horrible Lows
The Verve could be easily confused with the horde of BritPop dudes that hit the scene in the wake of Oasis' phenomenal success in the 90's, but that's not the case.
Catch the Butterfly>>

Hard Rock Hallelujah
Who knew that a bunch of hideously masked metal dudes from Finland who go by the moniker Lordi could capture the imagination of the generation that was hellbent on getting the measurement of Fergie's ass...
Death to Hip Hop>>

Band Commandments
Are you in a band or planning to start one? Here's a set of practical commandments that you should never forget...
Aint no Metal Moses>>

Metal 101 according to Sam Dunn
An unreformed metalhead who ended up becoming an anthropologist because the universities didnt have Metal in their curriculum. But eventually made a movie about a Journey of a Metalhead. Here's a Metal 101 according to that dude we all have come to know as Sam Dunn...
Get Schooled Here>>

of Space Monkeys and Durdenisms
Seen Fight Club and thought it was just a violent movie with too much blood and stuff? You obviously missed the point...
Know Durden>>

This guy didnt wait for drawing books or a proper sheet of paper to draw his cartoons, he just used the empty space on the back of business cards...
Gape Here>>

the band formerly used to be Metallica
Either you love them or hate them (in that particular order may be), call them Master of Profits or something but you cant escape them...
Pastor of Muppets>>

of Movies, Comics and Passion
He 'rented' his body for medical research so that he can fund his first movie that became the lowest budget movie ever to be released worldwide by a major studio. Then he resigned from the Directors' Guild of America so that he can share directorial credits with Frank Miller.
Still no idea? Robert Rodriguez, man!
Big Fat Kill>>

Florida was known for brutal technical death metal bands and for most active atheist societies in the world. One band had both of these in common (I mean, something like that)...
Become a Believer>>

More stuff coming through, thanks to all the loyal visitors and the newcomers who have kept this crazy blog alive.


2 Responses to “maxdiamond's lost posts”

  1. # Blogger Jay

    I dont know why you put these in this order.. But thats the same order in which i feel i miss them!!  

  2. # Blogger maxdiamond

    actually these are placed in chronological order.
    leave your comments wherever you find it opt.
    liked your blog (with the songs/poems and that of four horsemen) as well.
    way to go.


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