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the band formerly used to be Metallica

Remember when I posted the Metallica image in one of the previous posts, I had no idea I'd be writing about Metallica some time soon.

No, no, dont close the window, I'm not writing about St.Anger era Metallica.
Something happened after their symphoney experiments, Metallica sounded like sort of faced with the lack of new ideas. Jay-Z fiasco and St.Anger. Oh boy!

I have no idea if these guys had gone nuts or something but since James Hetfield's earlier interviews were to be believed, they (James and Lars) always wanted to make garage record, raw and edgy (more like Motorhead, that is).

And so they made St. Anger that alienated the fans and myself included, i 'tried' to like that album for the love of Metallica. I was one of the sorry asses who bought the limited edition St. Anger disc that reached the wrong side of Pacific after a few days it was released everywhere.
I didnt instantly dislike it but it reminded me of James' earlier admission and at last they had made a punk record and I was in for a surprise. It aint fun, honey!

Had that album was recorded by any other unknown band, it would have got better reviews but Metallica has bigger expectations from all the fans.

It wasnt the Metallica I had known. I had almost lost faith and started believing lately that Metallica had 'sold out' and started making sissy movies about band group therapies and stuff like that. But Jay Z made money with Double Black Album, that is.

That's reality folks!

Wait, I got something here, I came across this new Metallica song that is making rounds on the net and boy it Rocks!
Yeah, you heard it right, it Rocks and moreover it has got some tasty solo as well.
It was played live in Germany on their Escape from Studio tour and the sound aint that great. James sounds really tired and his vocals are very uninspiring, sounds too sissy. Hell, they got sissy when they cut their hair!

Lars does some old school double bass assault in the last section of the song along with Kirk churning out some meaty solo since... whatever. Well, the song sounds better, not the old Metallica but a new direction, it is heavy and doomy but all of a sudden it takes a thrashy direction in the end.

Is it a sign of things to come?
I dont know guys, this band has recently been getting kicks out of alienating the old fans and many fans have started getting kicks in return by hating Metallica.
Metallica never ceases to surprise but at least this time at least I hope it is not a shock treatment that St. Anger was.

If anyone remembers, Metallica had announced before St.Anger that the next album is going to sound like Meshuggah! It had created a major buzz in the metal underground because Meshuggah is one of the respected bands and they have a loyal fan base, I'm one of them.
But cant say what Metallica might come up with next.

Check that out here and find out for yourself! Its a bootleg video, so dont expect great audio-video quality.

And forgot to mention, the song is tentatively title as "Death is not the End".
Damn right.



3 Responses to “the band formerly used to be Metallica”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I liked St.Anger and Relaod and Load.

    Learn to accept the fact that MEtallica is versatile band, and they like to play things other than THrash Metal.  

  2. # Blogger maxdiamond

    Looks like the anonymous bloke got it all wrong. Did you read the whole post properly?
    Is there any mention of Load or Reload?
    This post was in no way to antagonise Metallica, it was more in terms of appreciation for the direction the band has taken with that new song.
    Cant you accept that the production St Anger was terrible and there are no lead solos at all. How many parts could you hear the bass? It doesnt make any difference if Jason is 'instead' now and the Trujillo character is in Metallica camp. Because you cant hear the fucking bass at all.
    There are several factors that qualify St.Anger as a sub-standard Metallica record.
    Someday listen to Swansong album by Carcass, that's a finest thrash record Metallica never made.  

  3. # Anonymous HeavyMetalHeadAche

    Hmmmmmm ..... so we do speak again, back to the Metallica debate and never ending assults and shoutbacks.

    Song sounds interesting minus the bad vocals of Jamez, maybe studio version will be better. I really really hope they take a better hard rocking direction than the modren shit direction of St+Anger.

    Fact that there are soooo many strong reactions and views to what metallica does shows how important a band they are in music world!!!

    Everyone knows their musical abilities and hence they expect good things from them. I would say its very natural for fans to react when they see some shitty stuff jetted out from such capable guyz.

    All is fine, forgotten and forgiven if they can give us one good METAL album to bang our heads again.

    As i say, i am a Metallica lifer meaning Metallica Fan For Life, but dosent mean will support any shitty numbers from them and dosent take off the -Metallica lifer tag from me if they put out more shitty stuff - i will keep listening to their classical stuff and igore the new ones - u can call it Metal Harmony!!!  

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