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Hey did anyone notice the Gapingvoid widget I added to my blog today, it can be found below the links?
Very funny and insightful cartoons. Check them out every time you visit here, if possible or bookmark that link and visit often or whatever.

Before you start thinking why all of a sudden my post deviated from usual music and metal stuff, I'll clarify you. I have been visiting Gapingvoid for some time and have really liked the way Hugh MacLeod's cartoons have conveyed messages in a satirical way, at times downright in-your-balls stuff.
And by the way, these cartoons are available in big prints on that site that you can use for coffee mugs, t-shrts and other dorky stuff like that, thought you may be interested.

Or I might have run out of Googlejuice to come up with a new post!

Not really, that was a Gapingvoid joke.

Well if you havent been living in a cave for some time now, you wouldnt have any idea what Gapingvoid is or who Hugh McLeod is.
Hugh MacLeod (based in Cumbira, England, four miles from Scottish border) draws cartoons on the back of business cards, not just his own cards but others' cards also. He works at Stormhoek as a marketing and blogging consultant, what he prefers to call as The Global Microbrand.
He used to live in New York and London but since his career became 100% web-enabled, it made sense to live somewhere that isnt cheap and easy.

Anyways, here are some of the interesting ones I have collected over time and the rest ones can be found at Gapingvoid site or you can find the latest ones at the widget on this blog below the links.

Phew! That was a long post, wasnt it? I have saved the best for the last...

That's all for now folks. Keep Rocking and have safe fun. I'll keep the as-promised-earlier posts coming in.



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