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I have a confession to make, I'm suffering from 'Comments-Deficiency'.
Nobody seem to care about leaving a comment about what I have written or critique if something needs to. Or better still it would be appreciated if someone can give me pointers on how I could better my writing or something like that.

Do you like the content and stuff?

Anyways, I'm going to post some stuff on bands like Cynic, Atheist and on Sin City (the movie), and much more coming up.

Please leave comments if you find the posts worth a read or something.



3 Responses to “Deficiency”

  1. # Anonymous pumpkin

    Paucity of comments is directly relative to People perceptive of your stupendous writing :-D  

  2. # Anonymous spiritinblack

    Cool blog, keep it up. I would love to see more reporting on local bands. Get the inside stories of bands, that will surely make people read.

    Have you tried interviewing bands?



  3. # Anonymous HeavyMetalHeadAche

    cool blog, my type of material to read and enjoy -- but no comment moderation please!!!

    I want to comment as freely as possible, curbing creative talent is a sin and curbing ironical and satirical talent is crime according to Metal.  

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