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Adventures of Alice in Shockland

Alright folks, in my previous post there were so many clues related to the image of the following dude that I had asked you to recognise.
First of all the heading was 'Alice in Shockland', second one was Wayne's World, and also Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (he appeared in both the movies).
But still, it wasnt easy.
I didnt recognise this dude when I first saw this image. Heheh...
Ladies and germs, the dude in this pic is...

Alice fucking Cooper, man! Check out the transformation!

This transformation was followed after he happily swallowed a python and look what happened to him...

Now, that's what I call split personality!

This is Alice Cooper after his 'meal'.

Nose-picker or Thrasher?
One more image for you to recognise and bring your grey cells back from a walk. Not really.
Because identifying these following dudes wont be much of a trouble. Its easy.
Let me know...
Looks like someone is not pointing a finger but actually picking his nose in this pic. This is one of the biggest metal bands of all time (or may be, used to be) in their early days and there are only two original members left in the band from this pic.
By the way the lady in the image is their highschool friend who's still with the band taking care of dressing, hair dressing and stuff like that. She's pretty much responsible for the band image. Well, pretty much.

Leave your answers in the comments.
Muchas Gracias amigos.



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  1. # Anonymous pumpkin

    Nothing Else Matters :-P  

  2. # Anonymous HeavyMetalHeadAche

    MetFuckinTallica baby  

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